Best cryptocurrency affiliate programs have a high potential to make you rich with low traffic. Today, in this post, you will find the top 12 best cryptocurrency affiliate programs which provide high commissions and are lucrative.

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to make passive income by being an influencer. If you have a genuine fanbase or audience, participating with these best cryptocurrency affiliate programs gives you huge financial freedom. As cryptocurrency booms in 2022, its affiliate marketing programs are also booming and many crypto influencers are earning massive profits from it. One of the secretsofcrypto affiliates is that it has a low audience but high commissions.

Let me tell you that cryptocurrency affiliate programs like Bitcoin and Blockchain bring an effective way to monetize your cryptocurrency-related audience, blog, or social media handle. If you already have a YouTube channel, blog or news site, Twitter account, or Facebook page, these best cryptocurrency affiliate programs give you a systematic revenue.

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Woefully, there are more than hundreds of crypto affiliate programs. In such a situation, choosing the best one is very challenging. Thankfully, in this post, we have collected the best crypto affiliate program list to make it easy for you. So let’s get into this.

12 Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs That You Should Know


#1. Coinbase – Best Crypto Affiliate Program 

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers one of the finest affiliate programs as well. Coinbase affiliate program offers a 50% commission for the first three months and you can refer unlimited people to visit

To get started with coinbase, you need to apply for the program by filling out this form. Once it is approved, you can begin publicizing using a customized affiliate link. The coinbase affiliate program also has affiliate reporting and campaign tracking features.

#2. SimpleSwap – Cool Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

SimpleSwap, its name itself justifies how simple it is. It is an easy-to-use crypto exchange technology. Its clients have an opportunity to trade more than five hundred cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. It offers a free signup service.

For affiliate partners, it provides a referral link or banner from which you can earn up to 0.4% revenue along with 1-month cookies. For integrating its API and widgets, SimpleSwap gives a 2% affiliate fee. The interesting thing about this affiliate program is that its affiliate partners can withdraw very low limit. Not only that, it presents a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and web tools, quick affiliate registration and easy approval. and 

SimpleSwap Affiliate Program because of the low withdrawal limit, a wide spectrum of web tools and cryptocurrencies, and fast partner registration with no pre-approval.

#3. Paxful Bitcoin Affiliate Program

Paxful is an outlet that lets you purchase and trade bitcoin. They have funded a significant portion of time and business resources to rumble the Paxful affiliate program which is immensely helpful for the affiliate.

Paxful affiliate partners can receive 50% of the exchange costs whenever one of your directed clients buys bitcoin via the platform. You can even message their group and ask to be settled out when your affiliates deal with bitcoin as nicely.

An extra strong feature with the Paxful program is that you obtain 10% companion grants when your tier 2 directed users buy bitcoin. This means that you can compel other mates to enter the Paxful referral program and make when their directed clients buy bitcoin. This is unique in the initiative and lets you create a network of affiliates like network marketing.

#4. HaasOnline – 

HaasOnline is a popular computerized trading platform for evolved traders, and it has a confirmed history since 2014. HaasOnline serves as a trading bot that can automatically trade for you using prosperous trading techniques. The tool keeps over 22 interactions and can be employed to swap across all of them.

The HaasOnline affiliate program is too excessively competitive. To date, it has spent more than $1,216,962 on affiliate partners that are boosting its products. If you hold an audience of cryptocurrency traders that you are examining to publicize outcomes to, this is an affiliate program that you ought to check out.

Currently, more than 8,000 affiliates have registered for the HaasOnline program. The intermediate commission payment is $72. Take an additional glimpse into the HaasOnline affiliate program here.

#5. Bitcoin IRA

Nowadays over 50,000 bitcoin and crypto holders use Bitcoin IRA to maintain crypto assets in their retirement accounts.

It’s no mystery that financing via a retirement account can result in massive tax-conserving blessings. This causes storing bitcoin and another crypto via an IRA account especially appealing for smart investors looking to protect their assets from the taxman.

The Bitcoin IRA Affiliate program lets you make up to $75 per referred client who signs ups for a Bitcoin IRA account. With a 30-day cookie period and more than 400 million in trade magnitude, the program offers a suitable alternative for individual affiliate marketers.

#6. By bit- Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

By bit is a derivative cryptocurrency exchange that has been skyrocketing in favor recently. You’ve likely noticed them on Twitter, YouTube, or about the internet if you’re at all filled into the enterprise. The cause you’ve noticed them: their affiliate program is one of the finest, and their affiliates are earning good cash-on-hand by publicizing the latest derivative exchange.

The Bybit affiliate program authorizes you to make a commission on individuals that you direct as well as the somebody you refer who refers further someone. It is a pyramid-type strategy that can compel impacts. 

You can discover more regarding the Bybit affiliate program here.

#7. CoinRule

As more additional retail investors begin buying and trading crypto, they constantly are skimming for more automatic resolutions to help in their trading. CoinRule is an outlet that lets you create automatic trading solutions with no programming required.

You can pick from around 150 rules like stop loss, trend rebalancing, everyday top performance, and more.

The CoinRule affiliate program delivers 20% periodic commissions on strategies to affiliates. This is a wonderful agenda for affiliates with crypto-based audiences that appreciate automated trading!

#8. Kucoin

Kucoin is a widely used cryptocurrency exchange globally. As per their site, 1 out of 4 crypto holders globally is with Kucoin. This gives affiliates a grand opportunity to promote the medium and earn cash with the Kucoin Affiliate program.

Kucoin affiliates can obtain between 30-50% of the trading fees relying on how many people they onboard to the outlet. This is one of the most competitive affiliate paces for interaction on the market. Because the Kucoin affiliate program is yet so fresh, you ought to be manually authorized to register as an affiliate. You can sign up & register Here.

#9. Trezor

Another family title in the crypto planet, Trezor is a hardware wallet that lets you safely hold your crypto offline. Tremors are all around the place, and one of the causes we are suggesting this affiliate program is due to converting your audience to clients is considerably more comfortable when the label has proved credible.

The Trezor affiliate program proposes a 12-15% commission for referrals. One thing we value concerning this affiliate program is that it can bear out in bitcoin. 

Hardware wallets are a tack in the mid-level to the advanced globe of crypto. If you keep an audience that is in this phase, this can be a superb affiliate to leverage. Unfortunately, as others noted overhead, it does not have a subscription feature, so it doesn’t make a passive income stream.

#10. Changelly – To Crypto Affiliate Program

Utilized by over 2 million people, Changelly is a famous cryptocurrency exchange that presents 24/7 live talk support and around 150+ cryptocurrencies. With a translucent fee network and a user-friendly medium, this can be a wonderful exchange to boost a more refined crypto audience who is searching for options for Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Even nicely, the Changelly affiliate program is fairly lucrative. They deliver 50% charges for all guided users. The affiliate program has drawn the greatest crypto media portals like Coin Market Cap, CoinTelegraph, Coin Gecko, and others to encourage Changelly through the affiliate program. If you operate a media property, this can be a fantastic alternative. They also contain a widget that can be integrated straightly on your site prepared to improve conversions. 

Sum Up!

In today’s article, we saw the 10 best cryptocurrency affiliate programs. These crypto affiliates are currently available and any crypto blogger or influencer can join and start earning a good commission. When selecting for affiliate, only peek at those affiliate programs which you already know. Because the more strong your audience base, the more effective results it will give. If you like this article, leave your thoughts in the comment section. And share this article on social media.

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