Today in this post we will explore the 50 best Hindi blogs. According to some data an Indian blogger earns $100 to $10, 000 per month. Most bloggers earn an average which is between $500 to $1000. Only some bloggers are making $5000 to $10,000 every month because is about passion and the right effort.

This post contains a list of the best news blog & News websites also.

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Most of the content on the internet is available in the English language that’s why some Hindi bloggers get a chance to grow their online business by targeting the Hindi audience. Economicstimes revealed that consumption of Hindi content is almost growing and reached on 94% growth rate while 21% of users have internet access.

This strong growth of the Hindi language over the internet brings a new opportunity for newbie Hindi bloggers to provide the right value to their audience and make some profits.

If we talk about affiliate marketing, there is also very good growth. We have seen that many Hindi affiliate marketing sites grow faster. The Internet is all about content. If you have high-quality, targeted content you too can make profits doing affiliate marketing in India or worldwide.

What is the market of Hindi blogs?

Well, I already talked about it in the fever of Hindi blogs. Let’s reveal some points that can be a bonus for you. More than 250 million audience uses the native Hindi language and only 0.04% of websites are in Hindi. And this number of audiences will grow every year.

We will discover India’s best Hindi blogs. This is a difficult task to judge and choose the best blogs because, according to my research, I have seen most of the Hindi bloggers are very passionate about their work and doing a great job. We can’t just pick someone and give anyone a rating because all have done a marvelous job.

So without discussing further let’s dig out these popular Hindi blogs.


One of the best Hindi blog that comes to my mind is HindiBlogger. Especially is designed for the bloggers that cover Blogging and SEO-related information in the Hindi language. It also covers How To related articles, Tech, Money Making Ideas, and Hindi Grammar.

Main Features:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Tech
  • Make Money
  • Grammar etc. by RahulDigital

The founder of Hindi blogger is Rahul Yadav who is blogging for 6 years professionally. He is currently working on multiple blogging projects such as:

  • etc.

The contribution of Hindi bloggers to the blogging industry is very big. Its main motto is to provide quality information in an easy and simple way for a native Hindi audience.

Its main income source is Adsense.

2:) HindiMe is a popular Hindi blog. This blog aims to make India as digital country as possible. There are a lot of benefits of digital technology and this blog aims to make it easy for people with the help of technology. This blog gives the latest technological updates in the Hindi language.

This blog simplifies the problems and makes it easier to read for their audience.

Chandan founded this blog in February 2016 covering the latest tech information, blogging, Money Making ideas, SEO, Education, and Inspirational content.

This site makes money from Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling, and Adsense. It ranks at 635 according to Alexa.

3:) Computer Hindi Notes provides valuable computer skills to people in Hindi. They provide all the information related to computer and computer courses such as PGDCA, and DCA in Hindi.

The founder of this blog is Ashis Vishwakarma who is an amazing personality. This blog was started in 2017 covering computer courses. Its main income source is AdSense.

4:) My Hindi also provide Hindi updates for peoples. This aims to reach as many as people to give high-quality details about various topics in Hindi. 

Nilesh Verma founded this blog in 2013. This blog especially covers topics related to the Internet, Social Media, Money Making, Blogging, and SEO.

Its main income source is Adsense.

5:) Hindi Stock

Hindi Stock is a beautifully designed and good informative blog where all knowledge-related crypto-based business is revealed. Its focuses on blogging topics too. It gives good information about hosting, youtube, SEO, Android, WordPress, and more. Dev Rathore is the founder of this blog website.

6:) Aasaanhai is a motivational hindi blog where you can find various useful knowledge about inspiring people, moral stories, quotes, and motivational stories. This blog is inspired by Sandeep Maheshwari slogo ‘aasaanhai’. This blog helps to achieve real success in life by providing multiple examples and motivational stories. how old is charlie de melo

Virat Chaudhary is the founder of Aasaan hai who comes from Gujarat. He is 25 years old and also runs an Education institute. He dreams to be one of the best blogger in India and Smartwayofblogging teams gives him a blessing for this.

7:) Techyukti

Understand Technical language is a very challenging task for people whose native language is Hindi. That’s why Satis Kushwaha builds this blog to provide technical knowledge in the easy language of Hindi.

He also owns a youtube channel that is very informative and inspirational for bloggers. As well as he contributes a lot to the Hindi blogging world.

Techyukti covers topics related to Information Technology, Internet, computers, and Blogging. Its main earning sources are Adsense, YouTube, and Affiliate programs.

8:) Hindi Sooch

Very popular blogger Pawan Kumar founded thinking to produce awareness and good impact among Hindi audiences. His contribution to the Hindi blogging world is capable.

He produces motivational articles, quotes, and biography of inspirational people. His site Hindi ranks in 11,006 positions according to Alexa in 2021.

This all effort was started in 2013 and later monetized with Adsense.

9:) Acchhi Khabar

Gopal Mishar created a platform to spread positivity among Indian peoples in the Hindi language. This blogger loves to reveal new Hindi quotes and stories with valuable posts.

It was started in August 2011 with some Self Improvement posts, Hindi quotes, and stories.

This blog’s main way of income is affiliate promotion and ads. It ranks 6,132 according to Alexa rank.

10:) Happy Hindi

Happy Hindi is all about motivational articles, inspirational biography, Quotes, and Business Ideas which is managed and owned by Manish Vyas. This work was started in 2014 July and now making a good impact online.

11:) GyaniPandit is created and managed by an Indian blogger Mayur K which was established in September 2014. This blog aims to provide Hindi motivational content over the internet. It has motivational quotes, articles, and inspirational biography in Hindi. It keeps a good contribution in Hindi blogging.

Its source of earning is Adsense which ranks 3559 on Alexa.

12:) Supportmeindia

Another good Hindi informational source about Blogging, SEO, Money Making Ways, and Business Ideas is Support Me India which is a well-known information platform to learn blogs and cyber money.

This is made by Jumedeen Khan in October 2015. It has 2 main income sources one is Affiliate promotion and the Second is AdSense.

Founder Jumedeen Khan intended to bring good changes in people’s lives and started this blog where much blogging-related knowledge is available.

The income source of this site is ads and affiliate products.

Jumedeen Kahan made this blog to support peoples who use Hindi information on the internet. It publishes articles related to blogging and SEO.

It was made in 2015 and currently doing a good job providing valuable information to its users. The main income source of support in India is Adsense.

13:) Dipawali

The man behind the is Pawan Agarawal who is well known Hindi blogger. He represents dipawali as a light of wisdom in the Hindi world. 

This blog gives information related to various genera such as poems, entertainment, health and beauty, Hindi stories, festivals, movies, and more Hindi articles.

The team of dipawali has done a remarkable job. To collect various information dipawali has a good team of writers who works being disciplined.

Pawan Agrawal came from Gadarwara. He finished his engineering degree at the National Institute of Technology. This blog makes good earnings from Adsense.

14:) Shout Me Hindi

Another rocking Hindi blogger is Harsh Aggarwal who is a very famous blogger from India especially known for the man behind the shoutmeloud. Most Indian bloggers take him as an example blogger and are inspired by him. is started in 2015 bringing clean and amazing articles related to SEO, Blogging, Business tricks, and Online Moneymaking strategy in the Hindi language.

The main motive of this blog is to tell people how they can earn passionate money online by revealing many online money-making ways. His contribution to the Hindi blogging industry is remarkable.

Shoutmehindi ranks on 9,220 positions in Alexa according to the 2021 report. This site makes amazing income from google ads and affiliate programs.

15:) Achhisoch

This Hindi blog is created by Abdul Qader Khan in 2015 October. He posts Hind stories, Self Improvement Tips, and Hindi quotes on his blog. This site ranks in 521,087 globally.

16:) Hinditechguru is a world of Hindi computer tech and Mayank Bhardwaj started it in February 2012 with some Hindi tutorials, online money ideas, and photoshop.

He always wanted to make such a website where he can provide various information that can be implemented in people’s lives. His main intent is to provide knowledge and his contribution is great in the blogging world.

17:) Hindi Me Help is founded by an amazing personality Rohit Media. People get fully detailed information about the internet in this blog. Rohit sir always prepares to give the best information for India.

This blog was started in September 2014 covering blogging, SEO, money-making ideas, social media, and internet topics.

The site ranks on 5,364 according to Alexa and earns from Adsense.

18:) Newstrend

Newsstand is a Hindi blog that is giving short and informative Hindi content.

Newstrend Network Communication Pvt.Ltd owns this blog which was started in September 2015. It covers Politics, Sports, Facts, History, Entertainment, and more topics.

It makes earning from google and affiliate partnership. Ranks on 202 in Alexa.

19:) Khabar.NDTV

Khabar. ndtv is also a news blog like newstrend that provides brief hindi news. Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy started this blog in September 1996 covering sports, history, facts, and political news. The main earning is from Adsense.

20:) Jagran

Jagran is also a news blog that gives various news related to spirituality, lifestyle, sports, politics, and more. This Hindi blog earns from Adsense and was founded by Jagran Prakashan Limited in January 1997.

21:) Bhaskar

Bhaskar is a Hindi news site that gives information related to the various categories in brief.

Ramesh Chandra Agarwal founded this blog in 1998 April.

The income source is Adsense.

22:) Techyatri

Techyatri is a technology blog created in 2020. The owner of this blog is Rahul Rajput and Co-founders are Raj Rajput and Shailendra Rajput.

This site covers information-related blogging, search engine optimization (SEO) and technology, etc. Its main income sources are google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

23:) Blogginghindi

Owner of is Mohamand Arsad Nur from Ariya, Bihar. He loves to learn new things and doing blogging for 5 years.

It hasn’t revealed the earning source of the blog yet.

24:) My Technical Hindi

It is an education blog that gives awesome tricks about SEO and blog. It was published in 2020 by Amresh Mishra with the hope of providing quality info in the Hindi language.

It generates money from Adsense ads provided by google ad network and also places some digital affiliate products that are most likely related to its readers.

25:) Ajabgjab

As the name said Ajab Gjab this website gives amazing and interesting information. It has many categories to publish articles. The main intent is to give information to people.

Viveka Goya made this website in September 2013. It covers Hindi articles, Inspirational Hindi stories, Hindi quotes, thoughts, astrology, tips, health, religion, home remedies, and more.

Its primary income source is Adsense and ranks on 25,609 according to Alexa.

26:) Guide2india

It is also a similar site to Ajab gajab where people can get multipurpose information easily. Dinesh Kumar Is the founder and owner of this blog that was started in February 2015. This blog has Hindi stories, tips and tricks, articles, and Hindi quotes available.

Earning way of this blog is Adsense.

27:) Onlymyhealth

MMI Online Limited has started a blog called onlymyhealth which provides information related to health in Hindi.

It was created in September 2008. It publishes information related to health, Hair and Beauty, Sex and Relationship, Pregnancy, and more.

It is making income from affiliates, promotions, and Adsense.

28:) Nirogikaya is also and health website that you may prefer for health solutions and amazing information. It connects people with health. It also gives information about how one can become healthy and live a long life. Its contribution to Hindi health blogging is adaptable.

Dr. Paritosh Vasant Trivedi started this blog in August 2013 where this blog covers information related to Eating habits, health tips, hair and beauty, pregnancy, and more.

The income sources of this blog are Adsense, promotion, and affiliate marketing.

29:) Myupchar gives knowledge related to health treatment and a healthy lifestyle. According to this blog, if peoples have good knowledge about health, it can prevent diseases.

Rajat Garg and Manju Garg made this blog in December 2016 where covers health, Diseases, and their remedies, Yoga, and fitness-related solutions.

It’s main earning comes from google ads, promotion, and affiliate marketing too.

This site ranks at 3354 according to data of 2021 on Alexa.

30:) Helloswasthya

Another amazing Hindi blog is Helloswasthya. It teaches how any disease came into existence and how to prevent them. This blog gives knowledge to people to be safe from any diseases and also tells them what to do if something happens.

It is also known as a popular site for home remedies for health. The interesting thing about this site is it is all in hindi and easy way.

It was founded by Hello Health Group in 2016 Feb. This covers articles related to Ayurveda Pregnancy, Garelu Nuskhe, Men’s health, and beauty.

Its main sources of earn are Affiliate, ads, and promotion. Alexa says that this blog ranks in 103,427 positions.

31:) Catch How

Another interesting hindi blog CatchHow brings useful hindi tutorials where you can find all sorts of how-to related articles.

It is covering how to, technology, education, and health related information in a simple way.

32:) Kyakyukaise

Kya kyu kaise is a collection of home remedies that give good information about people’s health. This also provides about herbs that can be found easily around daily life. In hindi blogging, this site plays a vital role.

This blog contains information related to Ayurveda, Gharelu Nushke, Beauty tips, health, hair and beauty, relationship and sex, pregnancy, Hash Mudra, and so on. Earning sources are ads and promotion of affiliates programs.

33:) Myhindinotes

A lot of information related to Blogging & internet is shared in Hindi on this blog such as cyber crime, wordpress, blogspot and more.

Nirmal Ghimire founded this blog in december 2015 who came from beautiful land of Assam and doing amazing job. 

34:) Sudhhindi

Another interesting Hindi blog is This blog provides various information related to blogging, affiliate marketing, youtube, online earning ways, entertainment, and inspirational biography.

The Founder Subhash Yadav created this blog who came from a small village of Bihar. He did his 10th and 12th study from his village and when studying 11th he discovered blogging and started his own blog in Hindi and now contributing amazing hindi content to his audience.

This blog’s main income source is Adsense.

35:) My Hindi Tricks

My Hindi tricks represent tricks and tips related internet and technology and a little bit of blogging too.

This blog was founded by Aslam Parvaz. His main intention to create this blog is to give high-quality cyber information in easy language for native Indians.

This blog covers various categories like How to, tech, Make money, blogging and android.

The main income sources of the site are paid promotion, AdSense, affiliate, and more.


Umer Habib brings indianmarketer as a banking and financial blog. He aims to teach business in hindi language for all Indian citizens. This blog explains various business information simplifying that people can understand easily.

The main income sources of this site are Adsense paid promotion and affiliate.

37:) Invest Kare

Invest Kare is an investing guide blog. This gives all the information about how to invest in the share market and the importance of the share market.

38:) Hindikunj

A resident of Kolkata Aasutosh Dube established this blog hindikunj that means a web or maze of hindi information. Here you can read so many hindi poems as well as the biography of great persons.

Its main category is hindi literature. It makes a profit from 3 main ways. Adsense paid promotion and affiliate promotion.

39:) Hindi Sahitya

Hindi Sahitya is a literature organization blog where people can find a big collection of hindi literature. This blog provides wide information related to literary authors and creators. This blog is created by Arun Kumar Tiwari.

40:) MyBigGuide

Abhimanyu Bharadwaj created this blog in 2014 which provides awesome information related to technology. Students can take benefit from its many computer-related courses.

The video series is very informative. It talks about tech information and computer guides. It makes earning from selling courses, sponsor ads and googles ads.

41:) Futuretricks

Adip Gaurav founded this blog in 2016 where he write about technology, social, and blogging-related hacks. Adip sir founded this site to share unique knowledge make it easy for the Hindi audience. Futuretricks help to become self-oriented and productive. For example, to download a movie on a Jio Phone you should not learn from anywhere because future tricks are there.

Adip Gaurav loves technology and blogging. The main income source of this site is Adsense.

42:) eHindiStudy

Another interesting hindi blog specially designed for computer science and engineering students is ehindistudy where information related computer organization, operating systems notes, network security and cryptography notes, data structure notes computer graphics, programming languages notes, and more. Actually, this blog is a bundle of computer notes.

Yugal Joshi is behind this useful educational site who created this blog in 2016 and the main profit comes from Adsense.

43:) Hindidada

Most peoples in India love to read everything in Hindi and that’s why hindi dada comes into existence. People can find various interesting and important information about Sarkari Yojana, technology, the internet, gardening, and more in this beautiful blog

This blog is founded in 2020by Divyanshu covering the topics related to tech, education, gardening, and marketing, etc. This blog’s main income source is Adsense.

44:) Codehindi

Code Hindi blog is a combination of English lessons, health tips, career tips, web tech, and inspirational videos in the Hindi language. On this platform, you can learn the basics of web programming such as HTML, javascript, angular js, and more.

Code Hindi intends to improve better life and easy for the Hindi audience. Many raw and engineering students can decide their career learning from code Hindi. The contribution of code and Hindi blogging is remarkable.

45:) Hinkhoj

Another amazing and dynamic Hindi blog is It is a collection of Hindi apps that are dedicated to the Hindi language. Hinkhoj began in 2007 and provides amazing online services.

It mainly covers Translation applications like Hindi to English, English to hindi, synonyms, antonyms, spell checker, hindi typing, voice typing, hindi language teaching, rashifal and more. It’s primary income source is AdMob.

46:) Anytechinfo

Another interesting tech blog is any tech info that covers business, money-making schemes, blogging, technology, and the internet we well manner. this website was born in July 2020. Peoples get many blogging solutions on this website in hindi.

Most educated peoples remain unemployed and sit at home in India. That’s how any tech info comes into existence to encourage young youth to make careers in the tech industry, blogging, and the internet.

This site’s primary income comes from affiliate marketing.

47:) Tryootech

Amit Mishara Founded this blog in 2020 to cover blogging and business tips and marketing guides for his Hindi audience. You can visit to see his beautiful work.

The main income source of Tryootech is Sponsorships and Affiliate links. 

48:) HindiZen

Hindi Zen was started as a blogger project before 2015. Later I moved to WordPress. This blog focuses on making life better. It fulfills success, satisfaction, and peace in life and the most interesting thing is it is all in the Hindi language. It was merged into Gyan Bigyan Blog in 2018 to provide a better readers experience. Nishant Mishar makes this blog to provide useful content in Hindi. The contribution of Hindi zen is big in the Hindi internet market. Its income source is ads.

49:) Kalchul

Kalchul is a Hindi food blog that explains various dishes and recipes such as Sweets recipes, kids recipes, cake, and bread recipes, breakfast recipes, main courses, snacks, regional recipes, and more. You can download their app on the play store and use it easily.

50:) Osho

This amazing blog is inspired by Osho Rajneesh and covers beautifully written articles related to meditation, videos, and apps.

It is a Hindi Sahitya and cultural blog. You can also use its app for better experience and knowledge. In Hindi literature and blogging, this website plays a vital role

This blog is not monetized with ads yet.

51:) Gyanians

Gyanians is a place where anyone can learn blogging and technology in Hindi. Neeraj Parmar created this stunning blog to help people understand blogging and WordPress. This blog aims to give all the answers related to online money and the blogging field. This gives its audience A to Z about blogging in the Hindi language.

Summing Up!

In this post, we saw the 50 best Hindi blogs. If you are a newbie blogger or someone else you can generate unlimited ideas and ways to start your online career or to learn something new. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any doubt or feedback you can write in a comment.

FAQ Related Hindi Blogs

What is the type of blog?

There are mainly two types of blogs, the first is a free blog and the second is a paid blog. Free blog means that which is created on the blogger platform because you do not have to pay any money for hosting in it.
Whereas pad blog means a blog in which you have to pay money for hosting. There are mainly two types of blogs, the first is a free blog and the second is a pad blog. Free blog means that which is created on the blogger platform because you do not have to pay any money for hosting in it. Whereas pad blog

Can we earn laks from blogging?

Yes, really lakhs can be earned from Hindi blogging. But you have to work hard for that. Along with this, you also need patience.

Where to see hindi blog list?

go anywhere else. Here in this article, you will get the list of all the Hindi blogs that you are looking for. If you want to add some other blog, then you can tell us in the comment. We will add it to the list after reviewing it.

Which are the main blog in hindi?

Major blogs in Hindi include many blogs. There is no one blog that is at the top. Some blogs are first in their category.

Is it easy to create a new blog in hindi language?

It is easy to create a new blog in Hindi language. It is very easy to create a new blog not only in Hindi but in any language. Just you should create a blog on such a topic in which you are interested and at the same time you should also have expertise in it.

What to do to make your blog famous?

To make your blog famous, you have to make quality posts continuously, make backlinks, increase the authority of the site, take your blog as a brand. This is not an overnight thing, it takes time, a lot of hard work to make a blog famous. Then the blog becomes famous.

Do I need any software course to start a blog?

No, you can create a blog without any technical degree. Minimum education and basic knowledge of the internet are enough to start a blog. It may take you some time but it is completely doable.

What are the different categories of Hindi blogging?

Different categories of Hindi blogging include technical, fashion, health, film, education, literature, music, games, etc.

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