Be aware of these 8 Best Hosting Guidelines before buying any hosting for your website, blog, or online application. If you go this way, you will never regret your hosting purchase.

I have conducted these 8 best hosting guidelines based on my amazing experience with my hosting provider company which I purchased some years ago. I am very happy working with it. After working with multiple other web-hosting providers, finally, the hosting service that I am currently using became an Ideal experience. So I can’t wait to tell you the best qualities of good hosting.

How To Choose A Right Web Hosting For Your Blog? 

Hi there! In this post, you will understand how to choose the right web hosting for your blog. You must be aware of these best hosting guidelines before purchasing.

Are you thinking to start a blog or website? or do you want to host any web application on the server and you are still confused about how to pick the right hosting company? Then in this post, I will erase your confusion. So stay reading this article.

Nowadays, there are a lot of hosting companies out there. But not all hosting services are good concerning their prices, quality, support, and services. And they offer different packages and services. But the challenge is how to choose the right hosting package. It is always difficult for a small business or blogger. If talking about your site or online business security, there are some best vpn software for business that takes care of any small business to big enterprise. So make sure you check that list too if you are really dedicated to your online business security.

What Is Web Hosting And Why You Need It?


Before Understanding our best hosting guidelines it is always better to understand what exactly is hosting services and why you need a hosting server. So let’s discuss a little bit regarding hosting and its needs.

Every website, blog, or any web-based tool, or online application is hosted on a secure computer called a server. A hosting server is a foundational element of any website. You will manage your code, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) files, databases, media elements such as images and videos, and all things inside this hosting server. Every hosting server uses software to manage its resources such as CPanel, ZPanel, Plesk, and so on.

So if you want to host your HTML & CSS website or WordPress website, you need a good hosting server that is cost-effective, fast, and stable. If you have any concerns regarding this topic kindly leave them in the comment section. We will respond to your concern.

Hosting Guidelines By Smartwayofblogging

When it comes to choosing web hosting, there comes always a serious concentration because everyone likes to choose their best one. Once you purchase a server you may not want to switch to a different server because of a lot of setup work. If you do change your hosting every month, it is not the right approach to run your website with stability. So there are some best hosting guidelines which we have conducted according to our experience and knowledge for you.

  1. Website’s Actual Need
  2. Hosting Speed & Uptime
  3. Upgrade Option
  4. Basic Features
  5. Proper Support System
  6. Cost-Effectiveness
  7. Client Friendly
  8. Security

Ok so now these are the 8 best most significant westing guidelines which you need to be aware of before purchasing any web hosting plan. Now let’s understand every point in detail.

#1. Website’s Actual Need

There are multiple sorts of website which uses different features from the server. For example, if you are tired to make a social media website, you will need good database functionality along with fair speed and stability. So there come different sorts of hosting according to your website needs. 

For a personal blog, shared hosting might be a good fit according to pricing and feature. It gives you everything you need. But if you are running a very big website that has unlimited traffic, you may need to upgrade your servers such as Cloud VPS hosting or a dedicated plan.

If you have a WordPress site, you might want it to run its best-optimized way. So specially managed WordPress hosting is suitable for such cases.

For this, you can make a list of your need and prioritize them while comparing the hosting offers. For instance, if you are making a website that has a photography or wallpapers download site, you need to focus on its storage and speed features. Some hosting providers also offer CDN Services (Content Delivery Network) to make the user experience faster and better.

On the other hand, E-commerce sites may like to concentrate on bandwidth and security. In such cases, some hosting services offer specially designed hosting packages to such e-commerce businesses. So it is always better to understand your website needs.

#2. Hosting Speed & Uptime

In my experience, I have faced many hosting-related issues with my old hosting service. So later I purchased another hosting service which I think is the best. I will tell you about it soon. 

Especially in speed and uptime. Yes, your website speed matters to your audiences and google both. You don’t want your site to go down for some seconds just because of hosting. You need to be concerned about how perfectly optimized your hosting and its ram storage are.

Good hosting has a % uptime guarantee which means your website will be available online every time for internet users without any server issues. Later I will tell you which hosting I am using to maintain my multiple websites in the best condition also. For now, let’s move on to the next hosting guideline.

#3. Upgrade Option

Having some proper upgrading options is a good sign of hosting service. Because at starting, you may go with a basic hosting plan because you have a new website and less traffic. But once you start getting a high volume of traffic to your website, your server may not handle too many requests or it may go down in some cases. So you always want to upgrade for better service according to your business growth. There are some good hosting providers which have proper upgrading options which I will tell you about later. But for now, you need to choose a hosting service that has better upgrade services.

#4. Basic Features

According to multiple types of hosting, there may be different features included. If you already know which hosting features you need for your site, that’s great. But let me tell you again that some hosting providers offer general service while other providers offer more advanced features that make your tasks easier.

For example, The hosting that I am using right now is very easy to set up. It has already WordPress and other multiple CMS integrated. I can set up my Brand new WordPress blog with just a few clicks. It is CPanel Software along with many amazing features like Lightspeed Cache, Email Server, Unlimited Bandwith and Storage, and so on. One of the best features that my hosting providers offer me is their support.

So always pick a hosting package that has some modern features along with basic features.

#5. Proper Support System

Every business enterprise or small business owner needs a proper support system regarding hosting. If you are a newbie blogger and starting your new blog then you may require more additional support systems. In such a situation, some leading hosting platform offers a 24/7 support system. 

Any web expert or company may need to tackle server-related issues at any point. Having said that, in my case I haven’t faced any such big issues with some million traffic every month on my other multiple websites. But may newbies face server-related issues while practicing newly with hosting servers and you need to choose a good hosting that offers a 24/7 support system.

#6. Cost-Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness means the hosting you are looking for should be under your affordable cost. Or you can say that a quality hosting service at a fair price. We can’t say cheap here. Because cheap is cheap. Noone like likes cheap things. But cheap price and fair price has very different. So I don’t like to go with cheap hosting. Because it is a starting point of your suffering. Yes, it is true. But some good hosting services offer affordable and fair hosting services which will delight your experience. So always got with cost-effective hosting providers.

#7. Client Friendly

If you have already worked with other hosting providers and now you want to move to new hosting providers. Let’s say are comfortable working with the CPanel interface, but your new hosting provider has ZPanel instead of CPanel. In this case, you need to learn a new hosting interface which may take time and errors. 

You should check what kind of Control Panel you will get access to after purchasing that server. It is all a technical part of the website, so it should be client-friendly so that you can work effortlessly.

So always check which software features and interface your upcoming hosting providers offering.

#8. Security

Security of your website is a very important thing and it depends on your hosting provider and how actively they are dedicated to protecting your site from attackers. Some good hosting comes with Free SSL Certificate, which is a core security feature. Besides that your hosting provider’s many security approaches to protect your site from spammers online. So always check the security features that your hosting delivers.

So In this post, you discovered the 8 Best hosting guidelines which you need to understand before purchasing any hosting providers. So now it’s time to reveal my favorite hosting service that I am currently using.

Which Hosting Service Do I Use?

I am currently using A2 Hosting which is based on cloud Infrastructure with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and they proved it right. It provides you with 1 monthly money-back guarantee also. When talking about Bandwidth and SSD, they offer an unlimited amount of bandwidth in affordable price plans. They provide the best combination of Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and AWS at an affordable price.

In case you are starting your online business and you need to host your blog or website, there is no other hosting better than this. So if you like to try this hosting service, you can visit this affiliate link and start to sign up and enjoy.

Why do I choose A2 Hosting In 2022?

  • If provides 20X Faster Speed
  • Best Support Ever
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • The most affordable price I ever found.

Summing Up!

With full of honesty I have shared the 8 best hosting guidelines in this post. Make sure you always be aware of these 8 guidelines before considering any web hosting services. If you find this helpful, share this article with others, so that they can take benefit of it. See you in the next article.

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