Today we bring 18 best news blogs review. Do you know blogging can be an entertaining avocation for Tumblr teens or WordPress authors, but it isn’t restricted to individual fun. Today, blogging is one of the most famous methods to write on newsworthy matters.

The most famous world blogs on the internet today include myriad numbers of pages and obtain millions of visits per month from individuals around the world. Have a glance via a handful of the top best news blogs down and think about counting them to your favored news reader to preserve breaking news issues that engage you.

#1. Babal Bulletin

Babalbulletin is one of the most popular news blogs online which publishes viral news articles based on QCC (Quality Content Consumption) Guidelines. It was founded in 2020 later it evolved as one of the most favorite news portals on several viral topics on entertainment, politics, business, technology, spirituality, science, sports, jobs, and other trending issues. It is a daily news portal bringing top-notch quality content, in-depth articles, and videos. It is evolved into the best news blog due to its popularity and quality content structure.

#2. The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast is our amazing news site online which delivers well-organized pages, well-written articles, and easy-to-use menu navigation.

The Daily Beast is a platform made by an ex-editor of Vanity Fair Tina Brown. Established in October 2008, The Daily Beast brings on news and thoughts pieces on a broad range of subjects including politics, business, books, entertainment, fashion, innovation, world, business U.S. news, tech, arts & civilization, and more. 

#3. HuffPost

HuffPost specializes in documenting news reports and circumstances from basically every main class and subclass you could picture—including world information, recreation, politics, industry, fashion, and multiple others. Established in 2005.

#4. Mashable

Launched in 2005, Mashable produces newsworthy scope around video entertainment, business, tech, science, culture, social interest, and more. With verticals for Asia, India, the U.K, Australia, and France, the blog is one of the immense and most admirable go-to sources for all items in digital civilization. It visits 45 million monthly special guests.

#5. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a fashionable news collection that focuses on millennials. Concentrating on colonial news and enjoyment, the mystery of BuzzFeed’s hit has a ton to do with the image-heavy listicles broadcasted on their medium and ends up constantly moving on-trend. Though launched in 2006, BuzzFeed was brought off as a trademark and online media of its own in 2011 when it began issuing serious news and long-form journalism on issues like business, politics, technology, and more.

It has entertaining articles along with fun and status icons for its trending content.

#5. BBC News

BBC is international news media based in London which features, and examines Africa, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, the United States, South Asia, and Canada as well.

#6. Business Insider

Business Insider publishes well-organized and clean pages that look simple and in-depth articles. It is Initially concentrated on economic, media, tech, and other enterprises. Business Insider was founded in February 2009 and currently conveys further topics too, such as travel, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. With global editions in areas including Malaysia, Australia, India, and Indonesia, the blog presents some relevant reports on recent events and connected matters.​

#7. Crypto Maafia

Are you interested in cryptocurrency? If you are a crypto trader or cryptocurrency investor, Crypto Maafia can be the best source to get the latest cryptocurrency news updates. CryptoMaafia is a cryptocurrency news blog that brings high-quality news articles related to different cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, cryptocurrency reviews, and more. Founded in 2020 by cryptomaafiaworld, it evolved as the most favored cryptocurrency learning and news updates platform.

#8. TechCrunch

TechCrunch comes as a speedy, well-organized, and cutting news article. It is a news blog that was based by Michael Arrington in 2005, which concentrates on blogging around busting news on the internet, computers, technology, products, social media, websites, and startup businesses. The blog has several RSS subscribers and encouraged the takeoff of the TechCrunch Network, which contains several affiliated websites like CrunchNotes, CrunchGear, and MobileCrunch. AOL gained TechCrunch in September 2010 for ​25 million dollars.

#9. ThinkProgress

ThinkProgress is a politically deviated blog. It is related to the Center for American Progress Action Fund. This is a nonprofit association that aims to supply data for the improvement of developed conceptions and policies. Some of the major branches of the blog contain environment, politics, LGBTQ issues, global news, and videotape. It currently operates on the free blogging medium. It provides Informative articles, faster experiences, and video content as well.

#10. The New York Times

Based in new york city, the new york times covers breaking news related to new york. The New York Times seeks to form an area where audiences can swap smart and scholarly report that improves the grade of news and knowledge. Find smashing news, globe news, and multimedia on Central America, Africa, Mexico, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Iraq, and more.

#11. Al Jazeera

Based on Qatar, Al Jazeera news breakdown from the Middle East and worldwide, opinions, multimedia & interactives, podcasts, documentaries, long reads, and broadcast agenda.

#12. CNN

CNN news site is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and the US which brings videos and news from Africa, Asia, America, and the Middle East. It is a reputed news platform.

#13. ABC News

ABC News is international news media based in New York City, US. It is considered an entrusted reference for breaking news, investigation, deluxe interviews, news headlines, and videos all around the planet.

#14. Washington Post

The Washington Post World team delivers reports and analyses of breaking earth news stories. In complement, it offers Post World News presents conferences and blogs on main global news and financial issues.

#15. Times Of India

A popular Indian latest world news site is the Times of India. It broadcasts general breaking news and top headlines worldwide.

#16. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is an SEO-based news portal that brings the latest updates regarding blogging and search engine optimization. It brings the latest google algorithm updates, search marketing news, and guides.

#17. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is an American-based business-oriented, a global everyday newspaper founded in New York City, with multinational editions even public in Japanese and Chinese. The Journal with its Asian editions is printed six days a week by Dow Jones and Company, a branch of News Corp. Starting on July 8, 1889, it becomes 132 years old platform. It brings in-depth economic news articles.

#18. MOZ

Moz is popular as the finest Digital Marketing News Blog. If you own your blog, you should already be aware of Moz, or at slightly acquainted with the primary subject of their blog—SEO. Moz began as a blog instructing readers on important SEO information and tactics to improve their ranking on Google search results. Reports are on a spectrum of matters including how to choose the right keywords for your blog, how to perform rival SEO research, and how to set up your blog on a blogging medium like WordPress. The blog has heretofore developed into a niche industry, including the scope of Moz SEO agencies and paid courses. Today it has become a measure of SEO.

Finishing Up!


So today we review the 18 best news blogs of 2022 based on their quality of content contribution. What do you think about it? If you like to mention your favorite news blog in the list, feel free to contact us. Don’t miss to give your feedback in the comment section.

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