Do you know which is the Best WordPress Hosting With cPanel In 2022? If not this post is special for you. Because I am going to tell you the best WordPress hosting that provides a CPanel interface.

Hi there, I am coming back with another new blogging solution for you. In the previous article, we talked about the Best Hosting Guidelines which you need to understand before purchasing any hosting services. When reading this best WordPress hosting with CPanel post first we need to understand 3 main terms: “Best”, “WordPress Hosting” and cPanel. 

The term “Best” refers to what makes a hosting best. “WordPress Hosting” makes clear what is WordPress hosting and who needs this. Similarly, the term “cPanel” gives you a fundamental understanding of the cPanel interface. In our previous hosting guidelines article, we talked about what makes a hosting service the best. So in this article, you will understand the remaining 2 as well as you will discover the best WordPress hosting with cPanel software. 

Today we will discover some best WordPress hosting providers which are specially dedicated to clients. Which provides easy-to-use Cpanel Software (Control Panel) for managing the website and other server resources.

Before revealing these golden hosting services I must tell you some basic things regarding Cpanel. In case you are a newbie and trying to purchase the best hosting for your WordPress site, you should be familiar with Cpanel software which some hosting services offer to their customers.

What Is CPanel?

It is one of the most used control panels in the US. Even I love working on Cpanel because of its easy-to-use interface. Every web hosting company has a software panel that they supply to their customers as a service of their hosting plan. Some of the examples are Cpanel, Zpanel, Webmin, Cpanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, ISP Manager, and so on. cPanel is the widely admired control panel that we are talking about today.


cPanel uses 2 interfaces. One user interface is also known as cPanel. Another is a server management interface which is also known as WHM (Web Host Manager). This two combination of the cPanel interface allows users to control and manage their website. It provides multiple tools to manage the server.

Let me tell you some interesting facts about cPanel. It is free because it is a third-party application. Most of the hosting companies offer cPanel without any extra cost, which is very good for the client. Some may charge some cost for cPanel because cPanel raised its prices in 2019.

What Is WordPress Hosting?

While talking regarding cPanel and WordPress Hosting, it is also mandatory to understand what exactly is WordPress Hosting and why to use WordPress Hosting. If you already know this, you can just skip this part.

A Managed WordPress Hosting is a specially optimized hosting server for WordPress-based websites. This type of hosting has a heightened class of security, performance, and support system.

As we already understand that WordPress is CMS (Content Management System). A WordPress site is created and fully designed with its theme and plugins.


A dedicated WordPress Hosting helps sites to load faster, keep auto backups and WordPress experts support as well. Because the hosting provider itself manages the WordPress site environment, it costs a little bit higher.

Best WordPress Hosting With cPanel

Various hosting providers support a dedicated WordPress site hosting service with easy to use cPanel interface. 

However, considering, server speed, cost-effectiveness, and support, we suggest going with A2 Hosting. It offers all the tools that you’ll need to set up and run an amazing WordPress site.

A2 server is specially designed for site performance and ease of use of the server. It comes with a pre-installed WordPress dashboard on your hosting account. It means you don’t need to think about downloading and setup WordPress on your server. They will provide you with WordPress login details. You can start building your site by simply logging in.

Further, you’ll have the opportunity to host on A2 Turbo Servers for up to 20X faster website performance corresponded to vying WordPress Hosting services. Why does that matter? Let me tell you the secret.

Why Does Site Speed Matter?

Investing more money in a highly optimized hosting server never harms you. Instead, it will benefit in many ways. Let me tell you why. Your website loading speed is one of the crucial factors to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

joomla hosting

Google has recently announced a new update that particularly focuses on site speed. Webpage speed is an important SEO ranking factor. Many sites lose a massive amount of traffic and profit just because of a one-second delay in loading their site and their competitor grabs the advantage.

A standard benchmark of well-optimized webpage speed is considered as 3 seconds. However, it depends on multiple things. One primary thing is the quality of the hosting server. 

Your choice of web hosting has a direct impact on your website’s performance. Almost every study have already proved that faster sites have better search engine keyword rankings, lower bounce rate, and higher conversion rates.

Why buy A2 Hosting WordPress Service?

  • Best site speed ever.
  • Reliable & Uptime Gurentee.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • High-end security & Refund Policy.
  • Positively reviewed by big sites like Forbes.

What do You need To Know Before Buying A2 Hosting?

managed wordpress hosting

A2 Hosting is a highly optimized secure server. It presents Turbo Max and Turbo Boost that make your site 20X faster than the basic plan. Its monthly plans are expensive if compared to other hosting services. But its price greatly drops when you sign up for long-term plans. It means if you purchase 1 year or longer plan, instead of a monthly plan, you will save a lot of cash. Click Here to get A2 hosting.

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