In this post, you will find Best DoFollow Backlinks Sites and learn what is backlinks in SEO with examples also. You will get bonus tips as web mention backlinks to get unlimited organic traffic to your blog or website at the end. Read Further: What Is VPS Hosting?

So, Hi there! Are you a newbie blogger?

Are you wondering how to get quality backlinks for your website or blog?. Then this post is specially prepared for you. In this post, you will learn what are backlinks, what are the types of backlinks, how to get high-quality backlinks, and the truth and myths about link building, because it is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In general, most newbie bloggers struggle to get rank their articles on a search engine, it is because of their weak presence of domain visibility or you can call it website/blog authority.


To rank your well-written articles on google, you need to build trust with Google. I mean to say is establish a good and natural relationship with the google search engine algorithm. To do that, you should increase your

blog visibility on the Internet. The more visible your site, the more trust you get from google because google’s algorithm is very intelligent. 

In some cases, it is smarter than you. So if you can establish a love connection between your site/blog and search engine algorithm, it will give you unlimited success.

I have seen many premature bloggers struggling just to index their posts in google search. Well, we will talk about indexing issues and other core web vitals in further articles, but today we will go deep down under the backlinks.

What is a backlink in SEO?

A backlink is nothing but a link. You might have seen many links on any web page or blog page. These are all backlinks. If someone links your any post or website link on their post, it becomes a backlink.


Backlinks are fundamental to the search engine. These links connect websites and make a network that can be utilized by internet users to get desired information by simply visiting links

If a backlink is created in the right way, it can increase your presence on the search engine. Not only that, it helps to build trust with Google and other search engines about your site or content.

We will also learn how to get backlinks, backlink checker tools, free do follow backlinks sites example, and so on in this post.

Are backlinks really useful? or do they still work?

Well in my experience, yes they still work, but there are 3 major conditions according to smartwayofblogging:

  1. Your backlink should be from a high authority site
  2. That site should have traffic
  3. Your backlink should be crawled and indexed by google

If you make a backlink on low authority sites or spammy sites, it won’t work as you expected. There are several websites on the internet holding information but not good traffic. So picking such low-traffic sites is also a minus point to getting a backlink. And the most vital thing is to crawl your backlink and index by google bots.

According to TechRippon, Founder and CEO of Blogging Mafia, it doesn’t matter that from with niche of the site you are getting backlinks. Search Engine Journal has also recently twitted that backlinks are meaningful for SEO.

For example, if you create a backlink on ‘’, your backlink will index within 24 hours or sometimes less than that. But it should be a quality link within any posts. 

Several other factors affect a backlink to index and rank like speed, authority, content, and more. But the major 3 factors are these only. These three conditions are standard for all backlink creation processes.

How to get backlinks?

Mainly there are 2 ways of getting backlinks. One is a Manual Backlink and the second is an auto backlink.

Manual backlinks are those backlinks that you manually create by visiting multiple sites or you request the site owners to place your link on their website.

If you need backlinks, you contact any site admins or writers and ask them to link your site with their site. In most cases, they may charge you a fair amount also. 

If you need a strong and high authority backlink for your site/blog or post to rank, you can also contact the smartwayofblogging team. They will charge you a fair amount and provide you with a very useful link.

Auto backlinks are those links that you automatically get from other websites. If your site or content is valuable, other bloggers and website owners like to link your content in their posts and this is how you get auto backlinks. They are also called natural backlinks.

Types of backlinks

Types-Of- Do-Follow-Backlinks-Sites
  • No-follow Backlinks
  • do-follow Backlinks

Classes of backlinks

Guest post backlinks 

Inexperience, guest post backlinks are the more effective and useful backlinks. Having said that, other backlinks are also very very useful but if we compare those all, guest post backlinks come first. But it is also more challenging to get guest post backlinks from high authority blogs. Guest post backlinks are such backlinks where you write for others’ blogs/websites and insert some genuine links on that post. This is how it becomes a guest post backlink.

Profile backlinks

Profile backlinks are those backlinks that you create in many sites’ profile sections. Several websites let you create your profile. For example, on Facebook, you can create your profile. You can also put your website link on that profile. Right?. Similarly, there are many other sites on the internet that allows you to create a profile as well as a profile backlink.

Forum backlinks

Forum backlinks are such links that you get from forum sites. There are several forum community sites, that millions of people visit every day. If you create a quality backlink on such form sites, it will impact your website’s SEO.

Directory backlinks

Directory sites reserve some basic information regarding your website/blog and provide you with a backlink. If that site has good traffic volume, it will be really helpful to your SEO ranking.

Redirected backlinks

Redirected backlinks are those links that you redirect from null links. Null links are 404 pages or posts or 301 pages which you can redirect and 

get traffic as well as a good backlink.

Comment backlinks

If you make any comment on any website, it may ask you to put your website address also. These are called comment backlinks. Comment backlinks are very popular backlinks and they will help you get rank on google. Make sure you create such comment links on high authority sites that have some traffic also.

Some Best do follow backlinks sites:

  10. Vocal. media
  11. Google. sites
  14. (sponsored)

Best Backlink Checker Tools

Tracking your backlink is very important in the link-building process. Thre are many SEO tools out there that let you track your backlink. Some are 

free and some paid also. 

I prefer Semrush, Ahref, Google Search Console, and Ubbersuggest. Google search console is completely free and it lets you check indexed 

backlinks. Another powerful tool is Semrush. If we compare Ahref and Semrush both are good but I prefer Semrush because it gives more 

accurate data inexperience. 

When you go to the Semrush dashboard, you will see a backlink checker tool in the menu. It provides the number of backlinks and referring domains for your site. The same procedure goes for all backlink checker tools.

Here we talked about what is backlinks in SEO example, how to get backlinks, some good do follow backlinks sites, how to track backlinks as well as backlink checker tools.

Now it’s time to give you are bonus tips. Bonus tips for SEO are Web mention backlinks. Yes, have you ever heard about it? If yes, that’s great, if not let me tell you what it is and how useful it is.

Pawan Agrawal, an Indian blogger frequently talks about web mention techniques but it is followed rarely. I have seen some bloggers driving millions of traffic with just this ‘web mention technique. 

What is web mention?

If you have a youtube channel, you can tell your audience to search your site on google and visit your site. That’s simple this is. Sounds good?. 

You can also provide your link to the description of the video. This is how you drive a youtube audience to your blog. You can also call this a youtube backlink.

Similarly, you can apply this web mention technique on many other platforms like quora, vocal media, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more. 

Note: If you need more free quality backlink site lists, please request them in a comment without spamming, we will provide more sites in this post in the next update.

You can also check a new post on how to get social media traffic to your website. Enjoy!

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