Hi there! do you know how to increase blog traffic for free?. Then you are in the right place. In this post, you get the smart way of getting real human traffic that can give more leads and profit for your online business blogs or website.

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So many newbie bloggers take a domain and hosting and start creating a blog. They make blogs somehow and approve AdSense or any other ads network but the problem arises that they don’t get enough traffic. In such a case if you don’t figure out how to increase blog traffic for free, you will always stay backward and your life goes wastage on this kind of mesh. Do you know why am i talking (rude) like this today? probably not. Let me tell you the facts. 

Increasing website traffic is a very challenging task these days and if you are already in the blogging field, there is no need to remind regarding this issue but if you are a newbie blogger who is struggling to learn blogging from the beginning, you must keep this fact on your mind that increasing organic website traffic is a very challenging task these due to high competition.

So, should I quit blogging? No. Is there any alternative? No. Then what do now?. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and hear me being silent. “If you are facing this situation, that’s why smartwayofblogging comes into existence.” Yes, in this post, you will learn how to increase blog traffic for free, not only that, but you will also figure out the quality traffic tricks.

It’s all about traffic. If you have a good volume of traffic to your site, you can get success in AdSense or affiliate marketing, or any sort of monetization method you are following. When talking about traffic, quality traffic should be your focus. Here I mean to say is quality traffic can give the result as you expected. So always focus on creating your content under QCC Guidelines to improve your site quality and website trust.

Quality traffic is such traffic that generates leads for you, makes good profits from ads networks, and increases your site’s authority also. To get quality traffic you should follow the QCC Guidelines. Invalid traffic is not suggested by google and it is harmful to your site authority and has multiple other bad effects as well. 

Today in this post, I will reveal the secret of how to increase blog traffic for free. You will learn to drive social media traffic to your website as well. We will also see some best social media platforms to get quality traffic to your blog.

Traffic competition on the web

Getting traffic is a little bit challenging nowadays because of the high competition in blogging. Most of the traffic goes to porn sites, movie sites, and news media. High authority sites grab most of the traffic and newbie bloggers should add big afford to get even a tiny amount of traffic. That’s why smartwayofblogging comes here. If you follow some fundamental and some tricky ways, you will also get a hell of a lot of traffic that your server can’t even handle.

So, what is the traffic generation trick? It’s not a trick anymore. Let’s call it a procedure. You need some patience and a little bit of smart work for that. But it is easy and worth doing it.

How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free? Best ways of driving traffic to your blog/website:

#1. Organic Traffic

 Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

  • Text optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Video optimization
  • Web stories 

#2. Social Traffic

  • Drive Quora traffic
  • Drive Facebook traffic
  • Drive Instagram traffic
  • Drive Twitter traffic
  • Drive Reddit traffic
  • Drive Medium traffic

#3. Paid Traffic

  • Google ads traffic
  • Facebook ads traffic
  • Other ads traffic (quora, medium, Reddit, etc)

#4. YouTube Traffic

  • Web mention
  • Link in description

Now you know these 4 great ways to increase your blog traffic but how? If you are thinking this way, let’s talk about it in more deep step by step. After going through these 4 pillar steps if generate unlimited organic traffic, you won’t ask how to increase blog traffic for free anymore. So let’s dive in.

#1. Organic Traffic


Organic traffic is the best traffic whether you have a blog or website or YouTube channel. This is the safest traffic source and quality traffic. Organic traffic is such traffic that comes from my search. For example, if visit the Google search engine and type “how to increase blog traffic for free” or how to increase blog traffic for free by smartwayofblogging”, you will find the link to this post. And when you click on it and land on this article, it will be counted as organic traffic. I hope you understand the term organic traffic, if not kindly write in the comment section, and I will make you more clear about it. So let’s move on.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

The major challenge of the web is to get organic traffic and it is done by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is also known as google search optimization or content ranking and so on. There are various ways of optimizing your content in search engines.

  • Text optimization

According to Researchgate, there is around 75% to 80% of text information on the internet. It means, that whatever you are searching on Google or other search engines, you will find it in text format rather than video, images, or other formats. So it is very very necessary to optimize your text on your website or post to rank higher and get real traffic. 

So now the question arises is how to optimize text?. It is very easy when you pursue Smart Way of blogging. All you need to do is specify a focus keyword. It is also known as a targeted keyword. Once you find your targeted keyword, include it in your article title, and meta description. It becomes three times the same keyword. Right? it’s not mandatory but it is the best On-Page SEO Optimization practice. Once you do this, according to the length of your article, use your focus keyword frequently. But keep in mind that don’t use it in a bad way or too much time. Only use it smartly otherwise, it will turn to keyword stuffing which google doesn’t like.

Now when you edit your permalink, include the same focus keyword in the link slug. If you want to add a FAQ (Frequently Related Questions) Regarding your topic, it will be better otherwise it is not mandatory. For your comfort, you can use Rank Math Plugin which will give you the best guidance to do this job. I am suggesting you this tool because I am also using the same tool for sing long time and it is best for me.

Summary Steps:

  1. Find focus keywords
  2. Include it in the title, meta description, content, and URL slug
  3. Rank Math Is Best for this
  • Image optimization

Image is a good source of traffic. For example, if you search for something in google image search, you will see unlimited images, photos, and various types of images in the Google dashboard. Did you know millions of people search for images and visits sites or blog just to see or get those images? Yes, and why not optimize your image for google or any other search engine and get that traffic. So let’s find out how to optimize images easily.

Whenever you use some images in your blog posts, make sure you use copyright-free images. For that, you can download copyright-free images from (Pixels, Unsplash, Pixbay, or many other wallpaper downloading sites) or create them by yourself using photoshop or canvas, etc.

Don’t use bluer images or low-quality images in your article. And the most important thing is to use relevant images. Yes, relevancy plays a significant role in adding value for your audiences. So always use images that are related to your article.

Now use your focus keyword in your image name, image description, and alt text. When renaming your image use “-” to separate your text. For example, your image should look like this:-> Best-Computer-Image.png.

You can use any image format but png, jpeg or web are popular formats. And another important point is to reduce your image size before uploading your article. Yes, using a larger image size will increase your page load time which will cause traffic loss. So always compress your images before uploading them to your server. For image compression, there are many free online tools available such as Tinypng, image compressor, etc.

Summary Step:

  1. Use actual image name in the title, alt text, and image description
  2. Compress your image before uploading it to your website.
  3. Use the correct image name format with “-“.
  • Video Optimization

If you are using video on your blog articles, it is a plus point for your post. It will help you rank your post higher. While using videos inside your post, keep your video size as small as possible because a large video may harm your server load and page load time.

Using auto-play video and mobile-friendly video structure is better for SEO. Make sure that your video content is clear for users. And the final thing is to put your video code in the footer area.

Summary Step:

  1. Optimize video size.
  2. Mobile friendly and auto-play video.
  3. Put clear video.
  4. Place video code for Schema Markup.
  • Web Stories

Web stories are is a very useful feature to drive unlimited traffic to your website/blog. If you don’t what are web stories and how to make google web stories, please check it by clicking the link first. Google web stories are an amazing tool to promote your brand, improve affiliate marketing, and drive traffic.

Summary Step:

  1. Use Text, Images, Audio, or Video Clips In your Web Stories.
  2. Don’t Us any copyrighted material.
  3. Make At least 8-10 Pages for better rank.
  4. Place Your site link on the last page.
  5. You can also place ads on your stories and make earnings.

#2. Social Traffic


Whether you accept it or not, social media traffic is huge potential for both brand awareness and generating unlimited traffic. If you are seeking how to increase blog traffic for free, this is one of the free and effective techniques to increase web traffic.

There are several social media platforms where you can promote your site in multiple ways. Here we will talk about 6 top social media platforms. So let’s dive in.

  • Drive Quora traffic

An interesting site to get traffic is Quora has a huge audience base like Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of questions are asked on quora on daily basis. Here what you can do is reply to those questions with your answer. 

How to do it?

  1. Go to and sign up.
  2. Find a topic in which you can answer.
  3. Find questions and answers them wisely.
  4. Don’t put your blog/site links directly at starting. Because quora moderatos will deny your answer if they knew that you are just answering to promote your site.
  5. Be real. Once you approve 3 to 4 answers, you can place your link but as I said earlier, don’t spam.
  • Drive Facebook traffic

As we all know that Facebook is the leading social media platform that holds millions of traffic every month. What if you can drive some portion of FB traffic to your blog/website?. Yes, it is possible and many online businesses are already smartly implementing this technique and generating a hell of a lot of traffic to their site. So let’s find out how to get Facebook traffic with these simple and easy tips.

  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Daily post text, images, or video (any sort of content)
  3. Build trust and reach the audience.
  4. Share your web content on your FB page. (Don’t do spam)
  5. Provide value to your FB audience.
  6. Enjoy!.
  • Drive Instagram traffic

Another Popular Social Media traffic source is Instagram. You can daily post pictures on Instagram. Only post such pictures that are relevant to your website/blog content. It will help you to form a specific audience. It is a good way to promote your brand.

  • Drive Twitter traffic

Twitter has a massive audience like Facebook and Insta. One thing you need to understand is that the Twitter audience is very smart. So make sure that you are not making a fool of anyone here. Always tweet on trending topics which generates more leads to your tweet. You can put our article link and promote them. Once you start applying this trick you will discover multiple ways to promote your content and reach a high audience.

  • Drive Reddit traffic

Similar to Twitter and Facebook, Reddit traffic can help you build trust and profit. Follow the same steps on Reddit and reach your potential audience.

  • Drive Medium traffic

Now comes medium traffic. Medium traffic is considered trusted traffic by several bloggers. Once you go to, create an account and post your articles. Here you can put your blog post links which will drive medium traffic to your blog. It is also helpful to make quality backlinks for your site. Always publish a unique article in the medium that collects more audience.

#3. Paid Traffic


There is only one way to get traffic. If you have a budget, you can get paid traffic also. It is also known as PPC which means Paid Per Click. Paid traffic can help you to rank your site by getting more visitors not only. If you are using ads like AdSense or other ad networks, this traffic also helps you to make more earnings. While talking about PPC, Google and Facebook ads are very popular.

  •  Google ads traffic

Google ads are really helpful to promote your site and generate traffic. Once you create a campaign, you need to submit it. Once it is approved, you can run your ads on google search, Youtube, and many other Google products. 

  •  Facebook ads traffic

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to reach more and more Facebook audiences. By this technique, you can convert your 

Facebook audience to your web traffic. Here you can get target traffic by targeting your ads to the right audience and demography.

The smarter you are in running ads, the better result you will get. We will talk about running FB and google ads in the further article if 

you demand on the comment. 

  •  Other ads traffic

Besides Google and Facebook Ads, there is a lot of ads network that can help you reach your audience. For example, you can run paid 

ads on Twitter, Instagram, quora, medium, Reddit, and more social platforms. We encourage you to work on SEO traffic if you are a newbie blogger.

Organic traffic is considered the best traffic that comes from organic search. Having said that, If you have a small business and want to reach your audience faster, then paid traffic can be a good option. 

#4. YouTube Traffic


YouTube is an amazing way of driving organic traffic to your blog. Not only that, it helps your site to increase trust on google.

If you have a blog or website and don’t have a youtube channel, you are missing a big opportunity to get website traffic. Here is what you can do to create relevant video content for your blog or website and ask your Youtube audience to visit your site by searching on google. If you don’t know about YouTube, check this post How To Start YouTube Channel And Make Money.

  • Link in description

if you have an affiliate site or any other content site, you can put your site or post a link in the description of youtube videos. Once you

understand this method you can achieve this from multiple techniques. 

  •  Web mention technique

While talking about youtube, we don’t want to miss the web mention technique which holds huge potential traffic. Yes, there are many bloggers having youtube channel driving their youtube audience to their blog. Web mention means you are asking your viewers to visit your site. That’s all. And this works. But for that, you need to have a genuine audience on YouTube. So if you are wondering how to get website traffic for free, this can be the best free way to get traffic.

Summing Up!

In this article, we discover the 4 best ways to get organic traffic to your blog. No there is no need to ask how to increase blog traffic for free. All you have to do is follow the instruction that I have already mentioned. You can implement any one of these techniques at the beginning and expand later. These are the technique that I am personally using to promote my blog. And not only me, but many other successful bloggers are also following the same techniques. Let me tell you an interesting fact here. These are all simple, easy, and straightforward techniques. But the thing is very few bloggers are dedicated to implementing this. So if you think that it is very easy and I don’t do it that’s your choice. There is no further magical way to increase blog traffic. So I want you to stay dedicated to those fundamental steps and generate unlimited traffic to your blog. If have any questions regarding the topic, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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