Is Blogging Dead in 2022? It is a viral question among newbie bloggers because of the high volume of information on the web. But there is a point that every blogger should remind that information is always changing according to the trend.

Blogging mainly focuses on providing relevant content to internet users and good value. It was started around 1994 from now it has become the oxygen of the internet. Millions of searches for data and navigational queries have evolved the uses of the internet drastically.

There are around 600 million blogs and approximately 1.16 billion websites running on the internet. They provide numerous information and web-based content. Such as education, lifestyle, news, health, sports, science, products, and everything that exists around us. 

There is high competition in most of the keywords and if we understand the trend of the internet market, we can realize that people’s interests and need are always evolving. Read Also: Is SEO dead?

For example, people love to search for online games and educational material that are most popular or relevant to the current situation rather than searching for old classic games. There is a theory of ‘Survival of the fittest which tells us that only the strongest and fittest being lives and others will consistently destroy.

The same theory is implied in blogging now. we can’t completely accept the fact and fully deny it that blogging is dead. Because it depends on various factors. In keywords related to blogging, internet, gaming, and online marketing, yes, it is almost dead for newbie bloggers but many aspects are opening new chances also like AI, crypto, Cars, Foods, and more.

There comes the intelligent way of blogging when it is dead otherwise we may only struggle and suffer. Bloggers should be always familiar and updated with the prototypes and regulations of search engines like bing, google, Yandex, Yahoo, etc. 

Is blogging the only way?

It is not a good way to think only in narrow blogging terms. Because consumption of content has evolved and changed the taste of the users. Blogging is not the only platform to collect audiences. Peoples consume video content rather than text and audio. There is a big platforms to create content like YouTube, Social Media platforms like Quora, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more where you can find enough audience and a better way to market the content. Newbie bloggers need only a smart way that can make their job easier, highly profitable, and fun. 


Even blogging has different categories like business, eCommerce, portfolio, micron niche sites, tutorial sharing, and more than this. Innovative blogger has the potential to survive and grow in this situation. Many bloggers are facing ranking issues due to google’s consistent change in its algorithm. Google wants to deliver the best and most highly optimized content to their consumer and change its algorithm always. So that it is a tuff work to flow with it and there comes a smart way of blogging.

How to choose the right niche as a newbie blogger?

If you are thinking of jumping into blogging then it will be a far better and smart approach to determine your niche first and do some research about it. Many bloggers quit soon because of choosing the wrong niche or they don’t know how to grow their content.

It is far better to focus on the combination of photo, video, and audio content rather than only focusing on text because there is already a high volume of text on the internet. But you are an innovative person and carry some uniqueness in your content writing, you can take a calculated risk.

These days, many bloggers are focusing on micro niche blogging, which is a little easier to rank and can give amazing profit. You can market your content as an influencer and earn commissions but only choose such products that can give the right value to your audience, otherwise, you no longer deserve this.

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