Many bloggers frequently ask is SEO dead?why SEO is dead? should I stop working on blogging? Why my site is not ranking or what to do? 

If you are one of those who are in a dilemma that SEO is dead or not, let me tell you that, SEO is dead and SEO isn’t dead. Seems confusing right?

Yes, both statements are correct. It simply means, that the old SEO technique is dead and new SEO techniques should be understood.

Today in this post you will understand why SEO is dead and what the new SEO guidelines launched by the google search engine are. So let’s move on.

If talking about SEO, google has newly declared that all the web content that is specially targeted to rank for SERP (Search Engine Result Page), won’t rank anymore on google’s top pages. 

Yes, you heard it right. Google was already working on that algorithm to eliminate low-value results on its top pages. 

Finally, its new update is rolling out to solve this issue with the help of “Google Helpful Content Update“. Babal Bulletin Wrote on 19, August.

Having said that, SEO is still a vital web marketing tactic in 2022. Here’s why this myth survives and where we need to focus now. 

There is a thought process booming regarding SEO that says ‘SEO is dead but there is a big reason behind this statement. 

The actual statement should be like this, “SEO is changing”.

At this point, I would like to ensure that SEO is not dead. There is no need to worry about it. 

SEO will never die until the google search engine is alive. But it will continue to change its algorithms and core updates. That’s why a smart blogger should be updated regularly with new SEO strategies and techniques.

Is SEO Dead?

Search Engine Journal, one of the trusty blogging sites told us that SEO is still always alive and booting its way. 53% of internet traffic still comes from organic searches. It indicates that SEO is live.

Let me tell you a secret. Do you know what helps google pick top results in SERP? Yes, it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 


In the last decades, google had gone through multiple significant updates to improve search results. 

  • Panda Update – In 2011, Google bring a panda update to destroy black hat SEO techniques and spamming. It brings a huge impact on several sites.
  • Hummingbird – In 2013, it brings Hummingbird was updated to provide faster results and encourage mobile searches.
  • RankBrain – After 2 years, in 2015 Rankbrain update rolled out. It brings new evolution in query solving, integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) into search queries. This technology uses a machine learning approach to deliver more pleasing results in fuzzy queries.
  • BERT – Google Bert update launched in 2018 helped google understand natural language.
  • Vicinity – In 2021, google introduced the Vicinity update which was one of the biggest local search updates in the last half-decade. Utilizing immediacy targeting as a google ranking factor, all local businesses under google are weighted more heavily in query results.

These updates changed the face of Google’s SEO and content as well. It forced content creators to rethink and move on.

Now, in 2022, Google is bringing a new update called ‘Helpful Content Update’ which will filter low-value content. 

What Is Helpful Content Update?

Almost everyone thinks that their content is helpful. But let good to decide that. Google algorithm will now decide whether your content is helpful for users or not.

A helpful algorithm operates machine learning techniques to determine the helpfulness of your content.

Nowadays, producing content is at its peak. It is all because of AI-based content-generating applications and software. AI-generated content is not readable to humans.

The helpful update will focus mainly on four core things:

  1. Is your content is created for targeted people?
  2. Is your content written by an expert or not?
  3. Does your article information trustworthy?
  4. Does it meet the actual intent of the user?

These four major points are worth noting whenever designing and creating your content. 

Most of the micro niche sites will have now a boost according to this new update. If you already have a specific niche base audience, there are high chances of ranking your content.

Google’s algorithm is very powerful now. Fundamentally it works through links. So it will also check who is creating the content. If the content creator has pre-build web authority, the google search algorithm will trust that source.

Let’s say you are a heart surgeon. You have a good presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media. Now you want to write an article related to heart issues or anything heart-related. Now you have a very high chance to rank in the top position. 

Google is more focused on the content source rather than the content. But now with the arrival of helpful content updates, it will focus on content as well.

Crawling Makes a Big Difference

Do you know most of the content doesn’t rank because it was never crawled? 

Yes, many bloggers argue that there isn’t a ranking. To rank a post, search crawlers need to crawl all the components of the post properly.

This is why pro bloggers always optimized their images, blog fonts, and videos before publishing. The more lightweight it is, the faster it will crawl.

Recently Google has announced that site speed will be counted on the SEO ranking factor. The faster your page loads, the more it ranks.

If you can optimize your page speed under 3s, it can be a standard benchmark for SEO speed. But don’t optimize too much if it makes your site looks like a ghost. Anyway, it’s your choice.

What About Backlinks?

Well, backlinks are always good as far as quality links are concerned. Search engine crawlers never crawls 100% links in my experience. 

Some backlinks will be lost, and some will be rejected by crawlers themselves due to many reasons. In fact toxicity of a backlink defines how faster your page ranks.

If you see the whole internet from a 360° perspective, it is nothing but a web of links. Some links are naked, and some are clothed by anchor text, images, and other web components.


The search engine crawler also checks links. The more links your page gets, the more it ranks. But now this game has changed. The more quality links your content gets, the more it ranks. The more toxic links, the more down it goes.

Now you might ask how to know the toxicity of a backlink. It depends on link-building speed and the quality of a site. For example, you can say one high-quality backlink is equal to ten low-quality backlinks.

Final Verdict

Google’s algorithm is a system that retrieves data from a search index and quickly delivers the best possible result for any specific query. It has said in the past that it won’t tell its algorithm for 2 primary reasons. However, content creators who have several years of experience working with google search can understand the flow of SEO. Because it can be felt.

People Also Ask About Is SEO Dead In 2022

Is SEO Dead In 2022?

Most intelligent businesses are investing and giving more priority to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is not dead but it is changing due to content consumption trends.

Will SEO Exists In the Next 5 Years?

There is no chance to eliminate SEO within the next 5 years. Because social media companies and search engines are integrating to function better. Social sites like Facebook collected 1.5 billion daily searches from search engines. Even Twitter has also contracted the proposal to Google.

Is SEO Important In 2022?

SEO is still important for many businesses. It provides higher chances to rank high in SERP. Not only that, it will also help to build the web authority of a brand and get high sales and conversions.

Does SEO Have a Future?

It’s not like that before. However, businesses have started thinking that SEO is now a long-term investment. Due to some big search engine algorithm updates, the way of SEO is drastically changed in the past ten years. It has still the potential to create a better future for digital marketers.

Is SEO A Waste Of Money?

If SEO is done incorrectly, it can definitely waste your money. So it is necessary to do SEO only from SEO experts.

Is SEO a good career choice?

SEO is a good career choice now. Various companies need highly skilled SEO experts who have updated knowledge and expertise in the digital marketing field. Organic SEO and PPC are some good options to start with.

Which is the best SEO marketing tool?

In fact, there is no such exact SEO marketing tool from a search engine like google. However, we can still measure some SEO ranking factors by using tools like Ahref, SEMRUSH, Google Adward, etc.

Which is the best SEO service on the internet?

There are multiple SEO experts to hire to improve SEO ranking of your company. Companies like ahref and ubersuggest helps to rank your online presence better. If you like to hire us to improve your site SEO, you can contact us at

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