Learn SEO Course Free | How I Learn SEO In 2022 | Learn Smart SEO Strategies For Newbies Along with top 10 SEO Ranking Factors In 2022 and Future.

I learned these 10 SEO ranking factors in 2022 which can turn any online business into a million-dollar business. You don’t need to purchase any paid seo courses online just to learn seo courses. 

Let me tell you an interesting fact. SEO trend has changed as compared to 2015 or 2020. It is 2022, and your SEO competitors have many resources and budgets to fight with you. Now here I come to hold your hand and drive you towards success. Stay with me till the end.

This article is 100 times better than any paid seo courses that are available on the internet. So I am leaking all these SEO secrets without hesitation because I want to give the best gift to every article. This is what smartwayofblogging means. I have ranked several websites and articles on google’s top positions by implementing these smart SEO techniques from 2018 to 2022. So let’s dive in.

The goal of SEO is to increase unlimited traffic to your website. After understanding these Smart SEO strategies for newbies, you will learn a completed SEO course in just some hours.

Well, let’s move further. When it comes to learning SEO, it always means that you need to spend a certain amount of time and effort on it. As a self-made SEO expert, I went through many challenges while learning SEO but I am sure that you won’t face challenges that much. Because I am sharing my best SEO knowledge generated from my 5 years of SEO experience in a single article. You just have to go through the entire article with me.

After finishing this article, let me know how valuable it was for you. I have seen many people promise to make you an SEO expert and when you complete the article, you become fuss. So I am not promising you to become a fully expert in SEO because it depends on your smart steps implementation. But what I can do is share my SEO experience with you. After taking my SEO Knowledge, you can use it in many ways as you like. It depends on you. So without wasting time, let’s move further.

Before diving into SEO and its techniques, it is always better to be prepared for what is SEO and how exactly it works?. Am I right?. So let’s understand what is SEO first.

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is nothing but optimizing your content to rank on the top pages of search engines whether it is google search engine, being a search engine, or yahoo. The SEO process includes crawling, indexing, and ranking your content (URL). There are several ranking factors in SEO that helps to rank your content in the top position. Here we will also talk about some important ranking factors for SEO.

So what are the top ranking factors that affect your SEO?. let me tell you a secret about google. Google faces challenges every day just to provide 

the best value to its users. To do so, it implements several methods to measure the authenticity and relevancy of content, QCC Guidelines, and sources. For example, if you copy any information from the web and just paste it into your article, it is not going to rank because it is called plagiarised content. If you do so, you may get penalized by Google or you might come under criminal activity (copyright infringement) also.

The main purpose of doing SEO is to drive organic traffic to your blog and website. There are many blogs on the internet that gets millions of traffic every month by optimizing their website and content for search engine optimization. So we need to learn how these SEO ranking factors can outrank other’s content on google’s top pages. Here I will share 10 SEO ranking factors that can amazingly improve your site performance, SEO score, and user experience. When it comes to a blog or website, users’ experiences should be the primary focus. If your users feel good by visiting your site and engaging your content then no one can stop you to get succeed. So without delay let’s dig out those SEO ranking factors.

Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors (Learn SEO Course Free Online)

#10. Social Signal


Without social signal factor, we learn seo course is incomplete. Social signal helps your post to be recognized by a search engine. Social sites are very high authority sites. So if you share your content on social media, it is very beneficial for your site/post to be ranked higher. Social traffic helps to build your trust in search engines. So never miss this amazing factor.

#9. Mobile Friendliness (AMP)


AMP also known as Accelerated Mobile Page is a feature that lets your website browse responsively on every device. Google always checks the AMP score of your pages. Most of the top pages on google have AMP enabled. So if you have a WordPress site, use AMP optimized theme or any AMP plugins. If you are creating your site via coding, you need to make it responsive for multiple devices. Using bootstrap instead of simple HTML & CSS is good practice to create a responsive website.

#8. Technical SEO & Off-Page Strategy for your content


Another google ranking factor is considered as a Technical SEO which is ofter known as site audit, server optimization, and so on. Technical SEO helps search engine crawlers crawl your site’s pages better or improve organic ranking.

 The link-building process comes as your off-page SEO strategy. It is very simple to understand. The more high-quality backlinks you get from other quality websites, the higher your website will rank. When talking about link building, it is important to know its entire pros and cons. Because low-quality backlinks will increase your spam score and your site may go down or penalize by google. So always go with withe hat SEO where you will make natural backlinks.

#7. On-Page SEO for your content


If you are a content creator, you need to focus on the quality of your content as well as your On-Page Seo. Having said that one-page SEO means, you need to conduct your content in such a way that Google can easily understand what your content is about. For example, you can include your focused keywords on your Title, Meta Description, and your overall content. It doesn’t mean that you should do keyword stuffing. If the Google algorithm detects any keyword stuffing, it will de-rank your site. Not only that, but it may permanently harm your site also. So sure you use your keywords and media files smartly. For that, you can use tools like Yoast or Rank Math on a WordPress website. It will provide an overall guideline to use proper keywords, links, and media on your post.

#6. Site Performance (Speed)


In my blogging journey, I have experienced site performance issues frequently and resolved them using multiple techniques. So I like to share that knowledge with you so that you won’t be bothered just because of your site performance. 

Blog or website speed matters. According to a recent Google update, they will rank those sites on high priority which has fast performance. It means you need to focus on your site speed and page speed both.

The faster your site, the easier google crawler will scan your site and index your posts and pages. If your page loads very fast, your chance to decrease bounce rate increases. Many times site speed is affected by your hosting issues. So before buying any hosting services, make sure you read these best hosting guidelines by SWOB. Besides that, there are multiple ways to optimize your site performance. Here are the 8 best ways to optimize your site speed:

  1. Use Best Hosting (optimize your server)
  2. Use plugins that work on lightspeed
  3. Use the Best caching plugin
  4. Use Cloudflare CDN (I use)
  5. Remove render-blocking Javascript
  6. Use optimized (compressed) images or videos (include paid plugin)
  7. If you are using WordPress, decrease server load by reducing the number of plugins (only keep necessary plugins
  8. 8. If your site is built in HTML, CSS & Javascript, Use less number of codes, and learn to optimize code when programming. Optimize your CSS and javascript. Don’t put whitespaces and unused code.

To read a detailed article regarding the 8 best ways to speed up the website performance, find this article by clicking on the given link.

#5. Quality Content


Another significant factor that impacts your ranking is the Quality of Content. It is a building block of the audience. High-quality content generates more engagement which assists to increase trustworthiness in the eye of Search Engine Algorithms. Outdated content, sexual content, abusing content or any sort of policy-violating content should be avoided to rank better. Quality of content depends on many components such as length of content, language, relevancy of content, and more. To let better the quality of content, you can check these QCC Guidelines.

#4. Site/Blog Niche


When it comes to ranking your site and its content on search engines like google or being, there comes always a factor, which is blog niche. If you are creating outdated content and on highly competitive topics on your site, you probably not going to rank. So it is a waste of time. 

Most bloggers quit blogging just because they pick the wrong niche at the start and later struck at some point and frustrated. Whatever content you are covering in your blog, make sure that the niche(topic) has low competition along with the relevancy of the trend.

Before starting a blog or website clearly define your niche and start creating content regarding the niche. If you don’t know which niche is best for 2022, check these 10+ best micro niche blog ideas and pick a favorite one for you.

#3. Domain Authority (DA)

Image Credit: www.similarweb.com

DA is an SEO measure used by the Moz tool. Domain authority relies on your backlink profile, trustworthiness, quality of content, and quality of traffic. So if you want to rank higher you need to build trust with google or any search engine on which you are working. Once you provide high quality and unique content on your site, you will start getting auto backlinks and more traffic which will consistently increase your Domain Authority (DA)

#2. Backlink Profile


If you are already in the blogging field, you might have seen that many SEO tools like three or Semrush analyze the backlink profile of any site you enter for domain overview. Yes, a backlink profile plays a significant role in ranking your site in google search results. Google algorithm determines how the quality number of backlinks you are getting from other domains. The more trusted and high-quality site gives you a backlink the more your backlink profile goes up.

#1. Domain Age


When it comes to ranking your site on search engines, domain age always matters. The more senior/old your domain name the more it ranks on search engines. Domain age improves trust in search engines which helps better crawl your links. The search engine takes time to fully crawl your website and index them in the search engine. Let me tell you one secret of SEO. SEO experts like to buy expired domains rather than new domains because they understand this facts domain age matters when it comes to search engine optimization.

There is no such way to learn seo fast. What you can do is learn seo course free from this article and implement it to see the result.

So what you can do is to buy an expired domain and work on that with patience. Smartwayofblogging always prefers to discover smart ways of blogging. Those who say blogging is dead are those who don’t follow smart strategies. To implement the smart way of blogging strategies

to get the best result as fast as possible in the blogging field.

So in this Learn SEO Course Free Gift, I revealed all the necessary SEO secrets that you need to know to rank your site on the google search engine. If you find this valuable for you, please share this with your friends circle who are passionate about blogging and SEO. You can also share this article on your social media platforms. If you have any doubts regarding SEO or feedback write them in the comment section.

FAQ Related Learn SEO Course Free Online

How Long Does It Take To Learn SEO?

It takes 1 to 3 months to learn and understand the fundamentals of SEO. But it depends on your learning speed also. Understanding the search engine optimization from basic to advanced may take more than 3 months on average.

Are There Any Learn SEO PDF?

Are There Any Learn SEO PDF?

Which Is The Best Book To Learn SEO For Beginners?

Learn SEO course by Smartwayofblogging is one of the best books to learn seo for beginners in 2022.

How To Learn SEO For Free?

There are multiple ways to learn seo for free online. You can find many learn seo pdf or learn seo course. But after going through this entire article, you don’t feel to learn seo from anywhere else. Because all the core SEO secrets are already revealed here.

How To Learn SEO From Scratch?

Seo-friendly content creation is fundamental to SEO. To learn SEO from scratch, you need to understand what is SEO, why it needs and what are the types of SEO.

How To Learn SEO Fast?

While talking about SEO, there is no fast and forward rule for this. To learn seo fast, you need to implement those 10 factors which we discussed earlier in this post.

What Is The Best Way To Learn SEO?

The Best way to learn seo is to implement seo techniques and do experiments with a search engine. By experimenting, you will start understanding how to search engine crawles your site, how it ranks, and its nature.

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